Peanut Energy Bars

Peanut Energy Bars are an economical way to provide your family with granola bars. This recipe is versatile as well. You have to keep the ratio of “dry” to “wet” consistent, but beyond that you can use any cereal that you have on hand. Based on others’ reviews, I use rolled oats (not instant) and corn syrup (not honey). I don’t think you can leave out the oats because they absorb moisture and help the bars stick together. I do reduce the amount of raisins a bit, just based on my family’s personal preference. You can experiment with different nuts and seeds as well. For just myself, I like to add a bit of ground flax seed, but nobody else in my family cares for that. Raw pumpkin seeds are nice, too. After some experimentation, I also figured out how to add chocolate chips. Before you start, put a healthy 1/2 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips in the freezer on a cookie sheet. When everything else is done, take the chocolate chips out of the freezer and gently stir to combine. When the bars are finished and sliced, I wrap them individually in plastic wrap. You wouldn’t think so, but they freeze incredibly well. I leave out on the counter what we can eat in a week, and the rest go into the freezer in a gallon-size freezer bag.


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