Rosemary Ranch Chicken

Rosemary Ranch Chicken is a kabob recipe, but I’ve never done it that way. I was introduced to this recipe at a barbecue, and I enjoyed it so much that I asked the host for the recipe. The marinade makes chicken breast tender and flavorful. I appreciate the fact that it calls for an amount of minced fresh rosemary, rather than a number of sprigs. How long is a sprig when your rosemary bush is four feet tall? I use homemade ranch dressing, but there’s no reason not to use bottled if that’s what you have. To re-imagine leftovers, slice the leftover chicken thinly. Spread the cut side of a hamburger bun, perhaps a Beautiful Burger Bun, with olive oil and toast under your broiler. When the bun is just starting to brown, put a slice of white cheese on the top half and continue to toast until the bun is well browned and the cheese is melted. If your chicken is cold, zap it in the microwave for 15 seconds or so. Then put the chicken on the bun and eat. Crunchy and gooey and flavorful!


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