Chocolate Puddle Cookies

Chocolate Puddle Cookies could be called accidentally gluten-free, because they are gluten-free, but without the weird texture that gluten-free desserts can have. In addition, they don’t require any of the goofy alternative flour products typical of gluten-free recipes. Everything on the ingredients list, I already had in my pantry for baking. The best part is that everyone in the family loves these, both those who are gluten-free and those who are . . . (What’s the opposite of gluten-free? glutinous?) not. This includes my teenage nephew and my own two girls, ages 9 and 11. I use regular table salt instead of sea salt, but otherwise I do these as written.

Looking at the reviews of this recipe, there does seem to be some variation in results in cooking time, perhaps because of brand of confectioner’s sugar, perhaps because of measuring technique, and there is always a possible element of user error as well. I myself make these a bit smaller than in the original recipe, closer to 1 tablespoon drops than to 2 tablespoons, and yet they still bake for the full 15 minute baking time.

Fabulous with a cup of coffee!


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