Thai Peanut Sauce

Thai Peanut Sauce is a spicy-sweet peanuty dipping sauce that is incredibly versatile. It is good with egg rolls and lumpia–whether homemade or store-bought–crunchy cucumbers and carrot sticks, fried tofu, and chicken or shrimp satay. We also use it as the base sauce for our Thai chicken pizza, although I’m sure that has some Thai grandmother somewhere rolling in her grave. If you have an Asian grocery near you, go there to buy your coconut milk and curry paste. You will find lower prices and higher-quality products. Coconut milk bought in an Asian grocery where I live will be less than half the cost of coconut milk purchased in a traditional grocery store. For the curry paste, I love the Maesri brand. For my family, I reduce the curry paste to 2 tablespoons. I find the “red curry paste” tend to be hotter than the “panang curry paste,” although they’re quite similar. Leftover curry paste will keep in the refrigerator in a plastic or glass container for quite a while, just remember to label what variety it is. I like texture, so I always use crunchy peanut butter, rather than the creamy that the recipe calls for.


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