Drinking Vinegar

Drinking Vinegar, if you aren’t familiar with the term, is a fruit-infused vinegar-based drink that is sweetened and topped off with plain seltzer. You have to start it a week before you want to drink it, and what you don’t use right away must be refrigerated, but once it’s a part of your routine you just might find that you always have a batch or two around. For the sweetener, we use about 1/2 cup of granulated sugar per every 2 cups of fruit/vinegar mixture. You can use less than that if you don’t have a real sweet tooth, or if you plan to mix it with soda that is already sweet. Right now in my refrigerator I have pineapple and apple, and I have a new batch of cherry started on the kitchen counter. We have also tried strawberry, blackberry and raspberry. The strangest experiment we tried was Thai basil, and it has become one of my favorites; it goes great with Thai curry. You can drink it as a refreshing, slightly healthier alternative to soda pop, or you can add rum, tequila or vodka for an easy cocktail.


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