Neely’s Strawberry Pie

Neely’s Strawberry Pie is the only recipe I have ever seen for a baked strawberry pie. Most recipes that I see are refrigerator Jello and Cool Whip monstrosities. Until I saw this recipe, I wasn’t even sure that baked strawberry pie was a thing. Apparently, it is. I have used both fresh and frozen strawberries in this pie and it works great both ways. I just extend the baking time a bit if the strawberries are frozen. You can also assemble your pie and freeze it raw, pulling out of the freezer later for baking. I bought a stack of cheap metal pie plates for this reason. You bake it from the frozen state, again, extending the baking time. You can freeze your pie in a Pyrex plate as well, but it’s a good idea to put it into a cold oven so that you don’t shock your Pyrex and cause it to break. If my strawberries are large, whether fresh or frozen, I like to cut them in half. For the crust, I always use Easy Wesson Oil Pie Crust, rather than the Neely’s recipe. I don’t break the top crust into circles as the recipe pictures; I like my top crust in one piece.


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