Easy Wesson Oil Pie Crust

Easy Wesson Oil Pie Crust is the only pie crust I ever use. It works, with no alterations, for both sweet and savory applications, everything from baked brie and chicken pot pie to Neely’s Strawberry Pie. It does call for milk, but I know from experimentation that it doesn’t matter what kind of milk you use. I have used rice milk, almond milk, soy milk, vanilla flavored soy milk, coconut milk beverage, goat’s milk and cow’s milk for this and you can’t detect any difference in the finished product. What I especially love about this recipe is that it is so easy. You don’t have to figure out how much liquid to add; you just dump it together and stir. If you mess up rolling it out the first time, you can just roll it out again. It’s not nearly as finicky as traditional solid-fat pie crust, and as a result, the finished product is often better because not so much relies on user error.

If you are using a large Pyrex pie plate, you may need to double this for a two-crust pie.


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