Fried Eggs and Refried Bean Burritos

Fried Eggs and Refried Bean Burritos would be great as-written for a single person or a couple. I’ll be honest, for a family of four, it has you feeling a bit like a short order cook. If you can manage it, the egg-bean-tortilla chip combination within the burrito is quite tasty. What I really love about this recipe though, is that it includes instructions for making a simplified yet still homemade refried bean. You use canned beans and doctor them up a bit. From start to finish it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes for the beans and they taste so much better than the goop you can buy already made in a can. For our family of four, we usually double the bean recipe up to two cans of beans. This is in part because our oldest daughter will finish off the last of the beans in a bowl with a spoon. We usually eat them in simple bean burritos with cheese and taco sauce or, when we have more time, combination burritos with taco meat and all the fixin’s.


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