Red Snapper Cakes

Red Snapper Cakes are quite the departure from the “blackened” snapper that my mother made us when I was growing up. The bread crumbs give the outside a crunchy texture, and the cakes likewise have plenty of flavor. I use vegetable oil instead of butter. It also calls for just a little bit of cilantro. When I’m meal planning, occasionally I’ll plan a “Week of Cilantro,” in which at least three of that week’s recipes call for cilantro, in the hope of using an entire bunch before it goes bad. I’ve tried all the on-line hacks for keeping cilantro fresh, and it has never lasted longer than a week for me. I’ve had equally dismal results attempting to grow it myself, so, week of cilantro it is. I’ve never tried the sauce that is supposed to go on this. We like tartar sauce, so we use that.


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