30 Minute Dinner Rolls

It seems impossible that 30 Minute Dinner Rolls really are done in just 30 minutes, but they are. Well, almost. Even though we don’t actually make it to the finish line in 30 minutes, this is still hands-down the fastest bread recipe we have. As a family, we enjoy a good homemade bread anytime with have soup or stew for dinner. My favorite bread recipes require hours to rise, making them impossible on the typical weeknight. This recipe is just the thing. The texture of these rolls is light and fluffy, truth be told, almost too light and fluffy; I do enjoy a roll that has a bit of chew to it. However, homemade dinner rolls on a weeknight more than make up for that failing. As written, the base recipe turned out too wet for me. Depending on the climate where you are (it’s wet here) I would add at least an extra cup of flour, if not more. The dough needs to be firm enough to shape into rolls. Because I add extra flour, I also add an extra half teaspoon or so of salt. We also bake these longer than the 10 minutes that are called for, maybe even twice as long; you want the resulting rolls to be golden brown on top. For weeknights, we like to combine these rolls with some homemade soup from our freezer, like Zucchini Garlic Soup or Asparagus Soup .


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