Welcome!  My name is April and this is my on-line cookbook.  It is my belief that in our society today, we have become overrun with recipes, too many of which are what I call “throw-aways,” like a magazine recipe for hot dogs w/ jarred chili peppers, for example.  I believe that people would cook more often if they knew that the recipe they want to try was going to work.

This website is a culmination of years of trying new recipes.  This is my latest attempt to share what I’ve learned with the world outside of my kitchen.  I tried Facebook, but became frustrated when my posts disappeared after a while.  I tried Pinterest, but disliked that I could only post recipes that included photos.  And neither site offered any organizational help.

As such, on this website you will find links to only my very favorite recipes:  the ones we make for our family again and again.  I myself have even started using this website for times when I am visiting family and can’t take all 11 of our recipe binders with me.  I still have so many wonderful recipes to share.  Enjoy!