Chicken and Bean Stuffed Burritos

Chicken and Bean Stuffed Burritos originally had black beans in the title, but since as a family we’re not crazy about black beans, we use pinto beans instead. Either way, this simple recipe is a handy one to have around. It uses “rotisserie chicken breast,” which at my house just means leftover roast chicken. I have one child who doesn’t like beans, but because the beans are added separately from the chicken, it’s easy enough to leave them off. The method, finishing the assembled burritos in a large skillet, with another skillet on top, takes practice. It’s easy to burn the burritos so you have to watch them carefully. Once you have mastered the technique, however, it works for any kind of burrito you want, producing a crispy outside crust reminiscent of fast-food deep-fried burritos, just homemade. The recipe says it makes just four burritos, but with the size of flour tortillas we buy, and my desire for them to fold up neatly, we consistently get eight.


Mu Shu in Moments

Mu Shu in Moments is a recipe that I pull out anytime I plan a whole roasted chicken or turkey and know I will have leftovers. The original recipe calls for a rotisserie chicken, but there isn’t any reason not to use home-roasted poultry. The recipe also calls for a bag of coleslaw mix, but again, there is no reason not to use self-sliced cabbage. Generally speaking, the more you can do yourself, the cheaper, healthier and fresher your food will be. That said, leftovers are nice for lunch the next day, heated up and eaten with an individual bag of corn chips. A play on a Chinese dish, while this meal certainly isn’t authentic Chinese food, I think maybe that’s ok as long as it’s this delicious.